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Conversation with Economist Bryce Gill of First Trust | Market & Economy Update Thumbnail

Conversation with Economist Bryce Gill of First Trust | Market & Economy Update

Volatility has continued through the first half of 2022 in all equity and bond markets. The economy itself has numerous headwinds as well. Therefore, how are we to navigate these as individual investors? In my effort to try to answer this question, I bring you an exclusive conversation with Economist, Bryce Gill of First Trust. My goal is to always keep the market and economy in perspective by looking beyond headlines and analyzing facts. And in this conversation, we do just that.

Another Wild Stock Market Ride Thumbnail

Another Wild Stock Market Ride

Markets bucked and sold off again. Should we be worried? Not necessarily. These things happen pretty regularly, especially when headlines are negative. Let's talk about what led to this selloff.

Stock Markets In Perspective  Thumbnail

Stock Markets In Perspective

The U.S. stock markets have been through a volatile start to 2022. However, declines in the stock market are an inevitable part of investing, but having some historical background on them can help keep it all in perspective. It can also help keep our human nature of fearing them at bay. Watch my narrations on market related infographics here

Russia-Ukraine War | Panic Is Not An Investment Strategy Thumbnail

Russia-Ukraine War | Panic Is Not An Investment Strategy

The invasion of Ukraine is a serious and scary escalation in tensions between Russia, Europe, and the United States. It’s a truly devastating time for the people of Ukraine, and we don’t want to lose sight of the human cost of war first and foremost. People may be concerned about the implications on the markets and the economy. The markets have been volatile because of this so let this video be a reminder of our long-term goals and how panicking is not a good investment strategy.

A Day In The Life Thumbnail

A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life - Always Learning! Starting 2022 off by learning as much as I can about the current economic environment to provide great value to my clients! Chicago Fed President Economic Outlook and Senator Johnson’s team talks to NDIA.

Inflation & Corporate Profit Margins Thumbnail

Inflation & Corporate Profit Margins

There's a lot of talk about inflation in 2021 and we've now all experienced it in our own lives as well. The cause can be tracked back to many factors including the global pandemic and now supply chain issues. There's also a lot of talk about companies that sell products are now having their margins squeezed because of these rising prices, which means they're not as profitable. Now this could be true for a lot of companies; however, I want to show you a conflicting view where rising inflation and/or rising cost of goods can actually increase a company's margins. Now pricing for products is very complex for most industries but math is math and I definitely don't think this concept is being looked at enough.

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