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A 2024 Recession? Thumbnail

A 2024 Recession?

Bryce Gill and I look at the possibility of a mild, sector-specific recession as opposed to a broad economic downturn. We explored how this might affect financial planning strategies, especially for retirees or those planning for retirement, underlining the importance of understanding market indicators for sound decision-making.

Staying Diversified Close To Retirement Thumbnail

Staying Diversified Close To Retirement

The past couple years, the markets have seen some big valleys and then peaks. This video discusses the benefits of possibly choosing 'boring investments' to reduce exposure to market volatility, particularly for individuals nearing retirement. Emphasizing the importance of diversified portfolios, it explores strategies for securing investments, minimizing losses, and maintaining safety in any market.

Bond Market's Wild Ride Thumbnail

Bond Market's Wild Ride

Taking a close look at the recent turbulence in the bond market, reminiscent of the unpredictability seen in meme stocks. We discuss the unusual behavior of the 10-year treasury yield, traditionally a stable financial benchmark, and its erratic movements. This discussion sheds light on the impact of these shifts on the broader financial markets, creating a landscape of volatility and uncertainty for investors

The Stock Market & Economy Can Contradict Each Other Thumbnail

The Stock Market & Economy Can Contradict Each Other

Unpacking the difference between the stock market's ups and downs and the actual state of the economy. We discuss why these two often don't line up, focusing on current events and looking into 2024. Discover why lowering interest rates might be good for the market but concerning for the economy's health. This discussion offers easy-to-understand insights into the complex relationship between market behavior and economic health, essential for anyone keeping an eye on their financial future.

The 2023 'Magnificent 7 Stocks' and 2024's Market Outlook Thumbnail

The 2023 'Magnificent 7 Stocks' and 2024's Market Outlook

Economist Bryce Gill from First Trust joins me for an insightful conversation on 2023's stock market highlights. In this clip, we focused on the 'Magnificent 7' stocks, and start to forecast what's ahead for the market in 2024. Watch the full conversation on YouTube or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Interest Rates & Your Retirement Thumbnail

Interest Rates & Your Retirement

Dive into the world of interest rates and their big swings – why a small change means a lot for the bond market. We break down the recent ups and downs of interest rates, from 3.5% to 5%, and what the fall back to around 4% could signal. Understand the push and pull between market forces and inflation, and what this means for your investments. We unpack the complexities of the current economic situation in a way that's easy to grasp, offering a glimpse into future trends and what they might mean for investors.

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