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A 2024 Recession? Thumbnail

A 2024 Recession?

Bryce Gill and I look at the possibility of a mild, sector-specific recession as opposed to a broad economic downturn. We explored how this might affect financial planning strategies, especially for retirees or those planning for retirement, underlining the importance of understanding market indicators for sound decision-making.

Staying Diversified Close To Retirement Thumbnail

Staying Diversified Close To Retirement

The past couple years, the markets have seen some big valleys and then peaks. This video discusses the benefits of possibly choosing 'boring investments' to reduce exposure to market volatility, particularly for individuals nearing retirement. Emphasizing the importance of diversified portfolios, it explores strategies for securing investments, minimizing losses, and maintaining safety in any market.

The 2023 'Magnificent 7 Stocks' and 2024's Market Outlook Thumbnail

The 2023 'Magnificent 7 Stocks' and 2024's Market Outlook

Economist Bryce Gill from First Trust joins me for an insightful conversation on 2023's stock market highlights. In this clip, we focused on the 'Magnificent 7' stocks, and start to forecast what's ahead for the market in 2024. Watch the full conversation on YouTube or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Claiming Social Security: Understanding Your Break-Even Point Thumbnail

Claiming Social Security: Understanding Your Break-Even Point

Discover the critical concept of break-even ages in Social Security planning. This age marks when delaying benefits surpasses the financial gains of claiming earlier, often occurring later in life than most anticipate. This later-life crossover point raises an important question: would you prefer receiving more Social Security funds earlier in retirement, when you might be younger and healthier, or later, potentially at an older and less healthy stage of life? This decision can significantly impact your retirement finances.

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