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Stock Markets In Perspective  Thumbnail

Stock Markets In Perspective

The U.S. stock markets have been through a volatile beginning to 2022.  Events such as the Ukraine & Russian War, the Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy, inflation going up the most in 40 years, supply chain constraints, or COVID variants putting the breaks on the economy reopening have all put pressure on the markets.  

However, declines in the stock market are an inevitable part of investing, but having some historical background on them can help keep it all in perspective.  It can also help keep our human nature of fearing them at bay.  Watch my narrations on market related infographics including:  

-00:00 - Asset Class Performance Over Time

-01:13 - S&P 500 Annual Returns & Intra-Year Declines

-02:35 - S&P 500 Daily Volatility

-03:26 - A History of Market Corrections 

-04:56 - Probability of Positive Returns  

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