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What I've Been Reading | November 2021

Written by Ryan Hitchcock (Financial Advisor, High Point Capital Group, Milwaukee, WI)

Test Question

Recently TikTok took over YouTube in average monthly watch time in the US.  How many hours per month is each TikTok user spending consuming content on their app each month?
    a)  5 hours
    b)  52 hours
    c)  35 hours
    d)  24 hours

*see below for answer & context

This month, it's more like What I've Been Watching.  
Below I have some YouTube clips of well known names in the tech world or tech investing world.  I think we've all heard enough on terms such as: inflation, stimulus, or supply-chain so I wanted to bring you something fresh.  Even though these clips are from well know figures in the tech industry, these recent interviews have much more substance than normal and are worth a listen.
One name might not be as common, however.  Bill Maris, former co-founder of Google Ventures has some interesting views on the future of tech and healthcare you might want to familiarize yourself with.

What I've Been Watching

-Bill Maris: We Need to Invest in Defenses Against Bioterrorism - Bloomberg Technology YouTube
-Tim Cook: Future of the Internet, Block-Chain, Mental Health and More - New York Times Events YouTube
-Mark Zuckerberg: Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes - CNET YouTube
-Cathie Wood: Tesla, Block-Chain, China, Investing - Bloomberg Markets & Finance YouTube.  

Webinar On Demand

Check out a recent webinar of mine:
Losing Your Job? Next Steps You Must Know - rhitch.com
-Health Insurance Options
-Old 401(k) Options


Test Question Answer

d) 24 hours

Source - kairosmedia.com
The data from June of 2021 suggests TikTok users in the US are now watching over 24 hours of content per month, in comparison to YouTube users who average 22 hours and 40 minutes on YouTube.
Interestingly, in the UK the gap is bigger ... 26 hours vs. 16 hours.   

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